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Bradley Opere – an ALA success story

Due to the vast amount of both practical and theoretical training provided by the African Leadership Academy, its students invariably go on to achieve great things. Bradley Opere, a 2011 graduate, is no exception. He showed tremendous promise during his time at the academy, so much so that he was named as the winner of […]

ALA Encourages Entrepreneurial Leadership & Other Life Skills

In order to further its reputation as one of Africa’s foremost institutions for learning, the African Leadership Academy remains committed to the utmost educational experiences for its students. Throughout its history, the ALA has encouraged thousands of bright, young African minds to strive toward an improved African for the future. A challenging curriculum, a caring […]

The journeys of two ALA students

Those who are familiar with the ALA, like Tunde Folawiyo, are no doubt aware that whilst its pupils often come from very different backgrounds, they all share a passion for academia and social entrepreneurialism. Here, we take a look at the stories of two of the academy’s students. Linda Rebeiz is a graduate of the […]

The story of Nokwanda Ramatheko, an ALA graduate

Nokwanda Ramatheko is a graduate of the African Leadership Academy; like many of its students, her younger years were filled with challenges, which she had to overcome in order to achieve her academic and professional ambitions. She was born and raised in Soweto; anyone who is familiar with South Africa, like Tunde Folawiyo, will probably […]

How the ALA is helping young people to achieve their academic goals

Those who know of the African Leadership Academy like Tunde Folawiyo, may be aware that this institute takes quite a unique approach to education; in addition to providing its students with theoretical and practical lessons, it also prepares them for the future, by helping them to determine which career path to take, and which universities […]

Tunde Folawiyo | ALA Gap Year Programme Welcomes Young African Leaders

The African Leadership Academy has long sought to promote the success of the next generation of young African leaders, employing a variety of initiatives to further their reach. Amongst these initiatives is the founding of the ALA’s Gap Year Programme, one that sees students from all over the continent come together in solidarity to attempt […]

Tunde Folawiyo | ALA Celebrates 21 Cultural Icons

In its efforts to promote a brighter future for a new generation of African leaders, the ALA began hosting a showcase of some of South Africa’s most influential icons. Seeking to inspire youth toward optimal self-discovery, the presentation sees 21 different stories of unique achievements that have collectively forged a great impact upon society. Tunde […]

Tunde Folawiyo | ALA Launches Africa Careers Network

Since its establishment in 2004, the African Leadership Academy has continually sought to encourage the young leaders of Africa to strive toward great leadership and a great understanding of the social issues plaguing countries throughout Africa and beyond. Through entrepreneurial and social training, young graduates of the academy may go on to effect positive change […]

Tunde Folawiyo | African Leadership Academy: Student Life

Throughout its history as Africa’s foremost leadership academies, the African Leadership Academy has employed a variety of innovative techniques to provide the best educational experience for its students. In keeping true to a commitment to foster the next generation of African leaders, the ALA promotes an active student life, maintained by the student life department. […]

Tunde Folawiyo | ALA Student Life: Health & Wellness

Throughout its history as one of Africa’s most prestigious institutions, the African Leadership Academy has consistently emphasized the importance of health and wellness to its thousands of students. In its efforts to promote the benefits of proper exercise, the ALA employs an Athletics Department dedicated to managing a variety of thrilling competitive sports. Supporters of […]