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Bradley Opere – an ALA success story

Due to the vast amount of both practical and theoretical training provided by the African Leadership Academy, its students invariably go on to achieve great things. Bradley Opere, a 2011 graduate, is no exception. He showed tremendous promise during his time at the academy, so much so that he was named as the winner of the prestigious Leadership Award at his graduation ceremony.

Tunde FolawiyoThe level of excellence which he demonstrated in his studies also led to him being accepted into the University of North Carolina, and receiving a full scholarship from the Morehead Cain Foundation, which has allowed him to pursue a double-major degree in political science and business.

Those with an interest in education, such as Tunde Folawiyo, are probably aware that this organisation’s merit scholarship program is the oldest of its kind in the USA. As well as paying for all of a student’s expenses throughout their undergraduate degree, the scholarship also provides them with enrichment experiences during the summer months; they can gain experience within a business environment, carry out research at special facilities, undertake public service within the USA or abroad, and complete an outdoor course in leadership.

In addition to these achievements, , Bradley was named as one of the 2012 African Bezos Scholars; as part of this program, he organised the South African Ideas Festival, an annual event which provides young entrepreneurs with the opportunity to network and collaborate with one another.

However, Bradley’s most incredible accomplishment to date is Savana; this is a business which anyone with a love for entrepreneurialism, like Tunde Folawiyo, will have heard of (To discover other facts about this businessman, view Tunde Folawiyo Dailymotion page). Savana provides the residents of Kenya with a fast and efficient shopping and delivery service, which they can access online. The idea for this business came about after Bradley and his friends saw that there were serious problems with congestion around the main city roads, and that families were often spending hours traipsing back and forth from the shops.

This platform aims to make the process of purchasing goods more convenient. As its executive director, Bradley hopes that Savana will not only make life easier for the people of Kenya, but will also serve as inspiration to other budding young entrepreneurs, and encourage them to take that first step towards setting up their own enterprises.

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