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Tunde Folawiyo | ALA Gap Year Programme Welcomes Young African Leaders

Tunde FolawiyoThe African Leadership Academy has long sought to promote the success of the next generation of young African leaders, employing a variety of initiatives to further their reach. Amongst these initiatives is the founding of the ALA’s Gap Year Programme, one that sees students from all over the continent come together in solidarity to attempt to battle the social issues plaguing the continent today. With the continued support of Tunde Folawiyo and others wishing to see the African region thrive, the ALA may remain one of the most trusted names in African education.

In promoting the Gap Year Programme, the ALA currently seeks motivated young people aged 17-19 to embark on a rigorous ten month pre-college programme in which they shall develop lasting friendships and a great understanding of the issues encountered by millions throughout Africa. Here, they will engage in meaningful discussion regarding the future of Africa and how conditions can best be improved through joint efforts.

Students must have graduated high school in order to participate in the programme. The ALA’s safe campus is fully equipped to house Gap Year students for the duration of the programme and students need not be from Africa to attend. The ALA seeks promising youth from around the globe to participate. This stems from the belief that the advancement of Africa will be due in part to Africa-minded individuals wishing for the success of the continent. Students will interact with one another, gaining worldly perspective and a better understanding of the varied cultures existing all over the world. From friendly games of soccer to dramatic art performances, there are a variety of activities participants may become involved with in order to bond with fellow students.

Amongst the many benefits of attending the Gap Year Programme, participants will receive the wonderful opportunity to communicate with some of Africa’s top entrepreneurs and leaders. From CEOs of global companies to esteemed diplomats, a number of the continent’s most respected individuals lend their time to the ALA and its population of outstanding students.

Students accepted into the ALA’s Gap Year Programme shall arrive on the campus during September’s first week, departing during late June. A month-long vacation during December and early January will accompany short week-long vacations during October, then once more in March.

With the success of the Gap Year Programme, the ALA is able to continue its mission of forging a positive impact upon Africa’s youth. Tunde Folawiyo and other supporters of the ALA may find themselves inspired by the determination displayed in the young students embarking on this journey.

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