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Africa is the Winner with the Anzisha Prize

Each year at the African Leadership Academy in Johannesburg, in which Tunde Folawiyo is a vital member on the Global advisory Board, the finest youth leaders in the country are awarded with the Anzisha prize – Africa’s premier achievement for young entrepreneurs and potential future leaders. Emphasising a focus on the entire continent, those nominated […]

African Leadership Academy: Expanding Opportunities

The African Leadership Academy is now expanding its campus to meet the needs of Africa’s future leaders. Under the stewardship of its director, Tunde Folawiyo, the Academy continues its work to encourage the youth of Africa to engage with those around them, and to look ahead to a more connected Africa and the possibilities which […]

ALA graduates win Davis Prize for Peace

Many of the African Leadership Academy’s students stay in touch with each other after graduating. Not too long ago, two such students, who had gone on to study at Colorado College and Westminster College, received $10,000 when their collaborative project in Kenya was recognised by the Kathryn Davis Projects for Peace programme. Those interested in […]

A look at the achievements of Anzisha Prize finalists

The Anzisha Prize was set up by the African Leadership Academy and the MasterCard Foundation, as a way of celebrating the achievements of young people who have developed innovative, ethical and creative solutions to the challenges experienced by people in their local communities. Each year, the award committee selects 12 finalists from across the continent; […]

ALA gets involved in 21 Icons project

Since the end of May this year, the African Leadership Academy (ALA) has been hosting 21 Icons, an exhibition which, as its name implies, features 21 people, whose accomplishments have had an enormously positive impact on thousands, if not millions of South Africans. It is hoped that by showcasing the extraordinary accomplishments of these icons […]

New Opportunities at the African Leadership Academy

The African Leadership Academy is an organisation founded with the aim to develop a new generation of African leader who will work as part of a larger community for peace, prosperity, and the betterment of all. The Academy is aimed at the nurturing of Africa’s youth in a way which will encourage its graduates to […]

The inspiring accomplishments of an ALA student

Abdramane Diabate is a graduate of the African Leadership Academy; like the rest of this institute’s students, he achieved a great deal both during his time at the ALA, and after the completion of his course. In an interview, one of the teachers at the academy noted that Abdramane had a tremendous amount of leadership […]