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The African Leadership Academy

Tunde FolawiyoFounded in 2004 and opened to students in 2008, the prestigious African Leadership academy remains one the continent’s premiere institutions, encouraging tomorrow’s future African leaders.

The goal of the African Leadership Academy lies in encouraging the development and support of today’s African youth. The journey toward success begins with an intensive two-year African Studies and Entrepreneurial Leadership programme focused on educating students about the issues Africa faces in reaching its potential of prosperity. While these struggles include hardships such as poverty and disease, students of the African Leadership Academy are taught to embrace a new era in which promoting the eradication of these is key.

It’s the understanding of the academy that great leaders are skilled in more than just business and the economics surrounding it. A full social life and healthy mind, spirit and body are all of major significance in leadership. The overall student life of the African Leadership Academy is built around principles promoting personal responsibility, leadership and an ongoing compassion for others and the desire to improve conditions for the greater good.

One-fifth of students accepted into the African Leadership Academy are nominated from the encouragement of many devoted teachers, coaches and other community members throughout Africa and beyond. Luckily, there is financial assistance available to students in need. With support from many, including institution directors like Tunde Folawiyo, approximately 85% of ALA students coming from disadvantaged backgrounds will receive scholarships necessary to attend this prestigious academy. One must possess exceptional character and integrity in order to be selected to participate in the African Leadership Academy’s extensive training. African youths aged 15–18 year-olds who possess these values are eligible to take part in the teachings of this prestigious academy. These students, once nominated, must endure a rigourous acceptance process as the African Leadership Academy strives to encourage the boldest, brightest of students, to ensure they go on to accomplish goals of distinction for the African continent.

In staying true to its commitment to providing an outlet for learning for today’s African youth and others throughout the world, The African Leadership Academy strives to partner with various individuals, corporations and groups in order to continue this mission. There are various ways to contribute to this cause. Whether it’s a donation of time, money or the opportunity for internships within a respective company, all of these can serve of immense benefit toward empowering these young leaders. Many individuals around the globe, including Tunde Folawiyo have contributed toward the growth of the African Leadership Academy.

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