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The journey of an ALA graduate

Olaotan (‘Ola’) Awoyomi is a recent graduate of the African Leadership Academy. Like the ALA’s other students, she demonstrated great potential during her younger years; however, it was only after enrolling at this school that she truly began to come into her own, and discover where her true talents lay. With the help of a […]

One student’s journey from the ALA to Duke University

Those who are familiar with the African Leadership Academy, like Tunde Folawiyo, will understand that its annual graduation ceremony is a particularly momentous occasion for its students and their families, as it celebrates the successful completion of an exceptionally challenging academic course. It is also the day on which the ALA committee announces the recipients […]

Bradley Opere – an ALA success story

Due to the vast amount of both practical and theoretical training provided by the African Leadership Academy, its students invariably go on to achieve great things. Bradley Opere, a 2011 graduate, is no exception. He showed tremendous promise during his time at the academy, so much so that he was named as the winner of […]

Anzisha Prize: Africa’s Award for Young Entrepreneurs

Throughout its history as one of Africa’s foremost institutions for learning, the ALA has sought to educate the continent’s bright, young minds in hopes of forging a significant impact upon the future of the region. Through a rigorous curriculum, an active student life and a stimulating learning environment, the ALA seeks to provide its hopeful […]

African Leadership Academy Promotes Entrepreneurial Leadership

The African Leadership Academy’s Entrepreneurial Leadership platform seeks to arm the African continent’s bright, young leaders with the proper skills to forge positive impact upon the region. Throughout its history as one of Africa’s finest institutions for learning, the ALA has employed a variety of initiatives in order to further promote the advancement of the […]

ALA Encourages Entrepreneurial Leadership & Other Life Skills

In order to further its reputation as one of Africa’s foremost institutions for learning, the African Leadership Academy remains committed to the utmost educational experiences for its students. Throughout its history, the ALA has encouraged thousands of bright, young African minds to strive toward an improved African for the future. A challenging curriculum, a caring […]