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Tunde Folawiyo | ALA Launches Africa Careers Network

Since its establishment in 2004, the African Leadership Academy has continually sought to encourage the young leaders of Africa to strive toward great leadership and a great understanding of the social issues plaguing countries throughout Africa and beyond. Through entrepreneurial and social training, young graduates of the academy may go on to effect positive change within their communities and those that surround them, enabling a brighter future for the African continent as a whole. Supporters of the ALA such as Tunde Folawiyo may continue to serve as a great source of advocacy for the institution’s goals.

Tunde FolawiyoWith its mission of fostering the continued growth of young African leaders, the African Leadership Academy has announced the launching of the continent’s Africa Careers Network, which will serve as a place of gathering for career information. Partnered with MasterCard Foundation, the network will strive to connect the Academy’s promising youth with a variety of internship and career opportunities across the continent. The African Leadership Academy’s Careers and Internships Department established the web portal in the hopes of ensuring each student and alumni has adequate access to the tools needed to form successful careers upon graduation. In addition to a list of internship opportunities available across Africa, the web portal will also include testimonials from former employees and interns who’ve also spent time in those positions, offering students a unique perspective of what can be expected. Those involved with the network will also be given access to career information and guidance via the site’s Learning Centre, which will offer lessons on a range of topics from professional dress codes to email writing etiquette.

As the African Leadership Academy embarks on yet another season of acceptance applications, the mission of its founders remains fresh in the minds of the thousands of students who hope to gain admittance into this highly respected institution. Through their continued efforts and those of their supporters such as Tunde Folawiyo, the ALA will continue to forge an immeasurable impact in the fight to better the continent of Africa. The recently launched careers network serves only students of the academy, alumni and MasterCard Foundation’s Scholars. The programme will serve an immeasurable role in the quest to bring forth new and exciting opportunities for the economy of Africa and abroad. For more information about the mission of the African Leadership Academy, stories of success from its outstanding graduates and information about how to contribute to their everlasting mission, visit their website at AfricanLeadershipAcademy.org.

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