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Tunde Folawiyo | ALA Celebrates 21 Cultural Icons

In its efforts to promote a brighter future for a new generation of African leaders, the ALA began hosting a showcase of some of South Africa’s most influential icons. Seeking to inspire youth toward optimal self-discovery, the presentation sees 21 different stories of unique achievements that have collectively forged a great impact upon society. Tunde […]

Tunde Folawiyo | Student Life at the African Leadership Academy

Armed with the continued support of African citizens such as Tunde Folawiyo and millions of others throughout the world, the esteemed African Leadership Academy (ALA) continues its tradition of serving as one of Africa’s foremost institutions for higher learning. Promoting personal growth, exceptional leadership and outstanding entrepreneurial training for hundreds of promising students each year, […]

Tunde Folawiyo | ALA Launches Africa Careers Network

Since its establishment in 2004, the African Leadership Academy has continually sought to encourage the young leaders of Africa to strive toward great leadership and a great understanding of the social issues plaguing countries throughout Africa and beyond. Through entrepreneurial and social training, young graduates of the academy may go on to effect positive change […]

Tunde Folawiyo | African Leadership Academy: Global Scholars Program

Since its establishment, the Global Scholars Program of the African Leadership Academy has served as a means to extend the teachings of the institution beyond its student body. The summer programme seeks to offer participants the entire ALA experience, inspiring teens throughout Africa to reach for brighter futures for the communities that surround them. Students […]

Tunde Folawiyo | African Leadership Academy Partners with Global Online Academy

Throughout its rich history as one of Africa’s foremost institutions for learning, the African Leadership Academy has continued to implement new initiatives to further serve Africa’s next generation of young leaders. Through a vigorous curriculum, an active student life and the support of dedicated staff, students of the ALA may one day thrive as spearheads […]

Tunde Folawiyo | ALA graduates win Davis Prize for Peace

Many African Leadership Academy students stay in touch with one another after graduating. Not too long ago, two such students, who had gone on to study at Colorado College and Westminster College, received $10,000, after they won the Kathryn Davis Prize for Peace for their collaborative project in Kenya. Those interested in youth entrepreneurialism, such […]

Tunde Folawiyo | African Leadership Academy: How to Become Involved

Throughout its history, the African Leadership Academy (ALA) has served as a constant source of advocacy for the advancement of Africa’s youth. As a pan-African institution dedicated to fostering the next generation of great African leaders, the ALA employs a variety of teachings and innovative techniques to improve conditions for their students and the communities […]

Tunde Folawiyo | African Leadership Academy: Student Life

Throughout its history as Africa’s foremost leadership academies, the African Leadership Academy has employed a variety of innovative techniques to provide the best educational experience for its students. In keeping true to a commitment to foster the next generation of African leaders, the ALA promotes an active student life, maintained by the student life department. […]

Tunde Folawiyo | ALA Student Life: Health & Wellness

Throughout its history as one of Africa’s most prestigious institutions, the African Leadership Academy has consistently emphasized the importance of health and wellness to its thousands of students. In its efforts to promote the benefits of proper exercise, the ALA employs an Athletics Department dedicated to managing a variety of thrilling competitive sports. Supporters of […]

Tunde Folawiyo | The ALA and the MasterCard Foundation – changing lives for the better

Those who are familiar with the ALA, like Tunde Folawiyo, might know that the MasterCard Foundation has been working with the academy for several years now, and in 2012, chose to renew its partnership, in a bid to expand the Anzisha Prize, and improve its Centre for Entrepreneurial Leadership. The collaborative efforts of the ALA […]