Africa Education – The African Leadership Academy: James Earl Kiawoin

In the final part of the African Leadership Academy series, we look at the work of Academy alumni, James Earl Kiawoin from Liberia. After completing his studies at the Academy, James went on to study Political Science at Colorado College, returning home to Liberia upon graduation to work in public health sector. James helped to […]

Africa Education – The African Leadership Academy: Gift Nyikayaramba

Africa Education – The African Leadership Academy: Gift Nyikayaramba

Continuing our series on the African Leadership Academy, we look at the accomplishments of one of the Academy’s brightest students, Gift Nyikayaramba. Born in Harare, Zimbabwe, Gift played a fundamental role in teaching and mentoring his fellow students during his third year of high school; Zimbabwe had suffered a serious economic downturn and most of […]

Africa Education – The African Leadership Academy: Meet the Young Leaders of Africa’s Tomorrow

Africa Education – The African Leadership Academy: Meet the Young Leaders of Africa’s Tomorrow

Since its doors first opened in 2008, the African Leadership Academy has been a catalyst for change and development on the African continent. The Academy’s board and staff work tirelessly to produce Africa’s businessmen and women, engineers, entrepreneurs, scientists, artists, agricultural pioneers and social activists of tomorrow. Managing Director Tunde Folawiyo, who sits on the […]

A Guide to the DofE’s Involvement in Wildlife Conservation

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (DofE) provides participants with many opportunities to further themselves; the activities included in this programme can not only help them to develop specific skill sets which will improve their job prospects, but also to cultivate traits that can enhance many aspects of their personal lives. This is why people like […]

Africa is the Winner with the Anzisha Prize

Each year at the African Leadership Academy in Johannesburg, in which Tunde Folawiyo is a vital member on the Global advisory Board, the finest youth leaders in the country are awarded with the Anzisha prize – Africa’s premier achievement for young entrepreneurs and potential future leaders. Emphasising a focus on the entire continent, those nominated […]

African Leadership Academy: Expanding Opportunities

The African Leadership Academy is now expanding its campus to meet the needs of Africa’s future leaders. Under the stewardship of its director, Tunde Folawiyo, the Academy continues its work to encourage the youth of Africa to engage with those around them, and to look ahead to a more connected Africa and the possibilities which […]

How one ALA student is helping to educate the youth of Kenya

At the end of each academic year, the ALA hosts a graduation ceremony, in order to bid farewell to its final-year students, and to celebrate all that they have achieved during their time at the academy. The most recent ceremony saw the committee express their gratitude to two of their long-term supporters, Reni and Tunde […]

The academic journeys of two students of the African Leadership Academy

The African Leadership Academy’s annual graduation ceremony serves to celebrate the achievements of those who have successfully completed the intensive two-year course offered by this institute; those who are familiar with this academy, like Tunde Folawiyo, will understand how momentous an occasion this is. Amongst last year’s graduates were Elizabeth Mukayuhi and Diana Ayoub, two […]

African Leadership Academy Promotes Entrepreneurial Leadership

The African Leadership Academy’s Entrepreneurial Leadership platform seeks to arm the African continent’s bright, young leaders with the proper skills to forge positive impact upon the region. Throughout its history as one of Africa’s finest institutions for learning, the ALA has employed a variety of initiatives in order to further promote the advancement of the […]

Tunde Folawiyo | African Leadership Academy: Student Life

Throughout its history as Africa’s foremost leadership academies, the African Leadership Academy has employed a variety of innovative techniques to provide the best educational experience for its students. In keeping true to a commitment to foster the next generation of African leaders, the ALA promotes an active student life, maintained by the student life department. […]