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New Opportunities at the African Leadership Academy

The African Leadership Academy is an organisation founded with the aim to develop a new generation of African leader who will work as part of a larger community for peace, prosperity, and the betterment of all. The Academy is aimed at the nurturing of Africa’s youth in a way which will encourage its graduates to seek out peaceful communication, business development, and diplomacy amongst all the people on the continent to secure a brighter future.

While the Academy itself has a physical campus on the outskirts of Johannesburg, South Africa, promoted as the perfect location for learning and networking, it is open to students from every corner of the African continent. The qualifications on offer are designed to perfectly compliment other University level studies, allowing students to take part in either a two-year or a gap year programme. For students who live outside of Africa there is also the global scholars programme, which offers a summer initiative over a three-week period for children attending secondary schools around the world.

The Global Scholars Programme lasts for approximately 19 days and is open to a selection of secondary school pupils from all around the world. In this programme, the children are introduced to the key concepts required for any individual to become a conscientious and effective leader. This includes interacting with the community in and around Johannesburg, while encouraging students to engage with one another in a way which will create future positive networks when they become successful adults. As well as visits to the Apartheid Museum Tunde Folawiyoand the Pilanesberg National Park, students enrolled in the Global Scholars Program will be exposed to the beauty of Africa, while contemplating the origins of mankind and its future through their own potential as world leaders.

At the Academy, which has many supporters including Tunde Folawiyo, opportunities are provided allowing students to take full advantage of their gap year through enrolling in the African Leadership Academy’s Gap Year Program. While studying at the Academy, gap year students are encouraged to interact with many of Africa’s most significant young leaders. Through this interaction and other initiatives, gap year students will learn much about African customs, the different peoples throughout the continent, and the cultural diversity therein.

Lastly, the Academy offers a two-year comprehensive program incorporating all the lessons required for an African student to reach their potential as a future leader. In this way the Academy values leadership skills and an ability to show initiative and bravery, over academic scores or grades.

The African Leadership Academy continues to prosper under the contributions of such influential leaders as Tunde Folawiyo, and will continue to expand its positive influence for many years to come. For more information, please visit the African Leadership Academy website.

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