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Africa is the Winner with the Anzisha Prize

Each year at the African Leadership Academy in Johannesburg, in which Tunde Folawiyo is a vital member on the Global advisory Board, the finest youth leaders in the country are awarded with the Tunde FolawiyoAnzisha prize – Africa’s premier achievement for young entrepreneurs and potential future leaders. Emphasising a focus on the entire continent, those nominated are instantly recognised as young people who could be the next generation of African politicians and business success stories.

In line with the African leadership Academy’s mandate to create a more cohesive, diplomatic, and positive group of future leaders, the Anzisha prize is given only to those who have demonstrated an understanding of social challenges faced in contemporary African countries. Furthermore, such individuals have to have exhibited skill in developing solutions for these challenges, melding entrepreneurship with the positive means to make a difference in people’s lives, for the better. By creating, nurturing, and guiding businesses within different African communities, the Anzisha prize nomination process includes only the brightest, most determined and greatest talents.

Each year, the African Leadership Academy selects 12 finalists, each representing the best young entrepreneurs in Africa. The contenders are rewarded with an all expenses paid trip to South Africa, where they will engage with other young entrepreneurs and leaders via a series of enlightening workshops and conferences courtesy of the African Leadership Academy. There, at the Academy’s campus, the finalists will benefit from the week-long process, with the eventual winners of the award sharing a massive $75,000 to assist them in their future aspirations.

Those who become finalists enter into a small yet ground-breaking category of young African success stories called the Anzisha Fellows. Just being part of this illustrious fellowship is enough to encourage many young African entrepreneurs to engage with their communities and bring positive changes to the lives of those around them. The African Leadership Academy offers a vast support network for Anzisha Fellows, helping them to reach their potential throughout their careers, and to use the education which the Academy has provided them. The promotion of this education is truly a 21st century endeavour, seen through the Academy’s use of social media, such as Tunde Folawiyo’s Google Plus page, where the importance of philanthropy and education to a modern Africa is highlighted. Offering access to talented mentors and community initiatives only further assists each winner in developing a network of contacts while making use of this education which will serve them as they strive to be the next generation of Africa’s leadership.

The Anzisha Prize gives Africa’s ambitious and conscientious young entrepreneurs something to reach for, a goal which will continue to benefit them and their communities for many years to come.

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