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African Leadership Academy Promotes Entrepreneurial Leadership

The African Leadership Academy’s Entrepreneurial Leadership platform seeks to arm the African continent’s bright, young leaders with the proper skills to forge positive impact upon the region. Throughout its history as one of Africa’s finest institutions for learning, the ALA has employed a variety of initiatives in order to further promote the advancement of the continent’s youth. These efforts, along with the support of ALA proponents like Tunde Folawiyo and many others, may continue to inspire the region’s hopeful youth.

Tunde FolawiyoThe ALA’s Entrepreneurial Leadership programme was designed to foster the social and economic skills of the continent’s brightest young minds. During a student’s first year, he or she will be encouraged to develop the skills and mindset necessary to become highly successful entrepreneurial leaders within their respective communities. The first year syllabus revolves around a rigorous curriculum aiming to prepare students for what lies ahead by utilizing team-based challenges, mini-lectures, guest speakers, games and case studies. These methods promote optimal personal growth and responsibility amongst students, propelling them toward great future success. In addition to a range of other basic coursework, students will be required to adequately educate themselves of the broad range of challenges to be combatted throughout Africa. It is only with a great knowledge of these challenges that true solutions may come about.

Promoting effective leadership skills are amongst the ALA’s foremost principles. The institution’s leadership modules include reviewing topics such as speech, mental models, emotional intelligence and values. This coursework includes a mixture of exciting group activities and individual learning with time for reflection. ALA faculty also provides direct feedback in order to further improve upon a student’s leadership skills.

The ALA’s entrepreneurial Case Learning Programme promotes role models to challenge and push students toward achieving greatness while a set of design challenges will initiate brainstorming and demonstrative competitions amongst participants. Each week, students will participate in a BUILD lab in order to develop and deliver progressive solutions to some of the continent’s most pressing issues.

Upon comprehension of these teachings, students will embark on an enterprise programme that will see them implement the entrepreneurial and leadership lessons acquired during their first year at the ALA. Designed to promote a hands-on approach to leadership, the programme remains one of the ALA’s most effective tools in forging great impact upon the continent’s promising youth. Tunde Folawiyo and other supporters of the ALA may regard these teachings as an enormous step forward in the fight for a brighter Africa for all.

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