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Tunde Folawiyo | Student Life at the African Leadership Academy

Armed with the continued support of African citizens such as Tunde Folawiyo and millions of others throughout the world, the esteemed African Leadership Academy (ALA) continues its tradition of serving as one of Africa’s foremost institutions for higher learning.

Promoting personal growth, exceptional leadership and outstanding entrepreneurial training for hundreds of promising students each year, the ALA’s rigorous and comprehensive curriculum focuses on empathy, with an understanding of a variety of hardships facing the continent and its citizens, such as devastating disease and widespread poverty.

Since its establishment in 2004, the ALA has continually served as a great inspiration for young people throughout Africa. Students accepted into the institution receive training in health care provisions, hunger eradication, conflict resolution and economic growth. These essential elements will contribute to outstanding leadership for the future of the continent.

Committed to providing a superior learning environment for its students, the ALA continues to form partnerships with various individuals, organisations, corporations Tunde Folawiyoand other groups in a quest to offer students a range of thrilling opportunities. There are myriad ways to make a contribution to the success of the academy. These may include donations of funds, volunteering to be a valued host family to students, or offering the opportunity of internships. Each contribution serves as a valued tool in promoting Africa’s leadership and growth through the academy.

In its quest to connect students with the community, the ALA encourages prospective contributors to tour its campus in order to interact with students and experience first-hand the institution’s vibrant environment. The campus is constructed around a circular central area, providing an ideal spot for students to interact with one another.

To be considered for acceptance into the prestigious ALA, applicants must prove exceptional character as well as a record of previous academic success. Any African 15–18 year-olds displaying these values may be eligible to apply. Located just outside Johannesburg, the ALA accepts only Africa’s boldest students to embark on their rigorous and often challenging curriculum. Students must adhere to a strict curfew and behavioural guidelines to ensure a positive, productive learning environment for students and staff alike.

The academy’s numerous supporters, including Tunde Folawiyo and others throughout the continent, continue to provide a source of exceptional guidance and encouragement for the ALA’s many talented youths. Together, the institution and its advocates will promote a brighter future for millions throughout Africa and beyond.

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