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Getting Involved with the African Leadership Academy

Tunde FolawiyoThe distinguished ALA has for years served as one of Africa’s foremost institutions for learning. Since its founding, the academy has implemented a variety of programmes to best fulfill the academic needs of its hundreds of bright students yearly. In upholding its goals to foster the development of Africa’s next generation of great leaders, the ALA will continue to hold its students to a high standard of excellence both in education and in character. Tunde Folawiyo and many others have contributed to the success of the ALA. With more assistance, the ALA may aid its students in providing a brighter future for the communities that nurture them.

As one of Africa’s leading academic institutions, the ALA seeks to encourage a brighter future for the continent and the various cultures housed within. The institution accepts students from more than 44 African nations, demonstrating their efforts to educate students from a variety of backgrounds. Upon acceptance, students will embark on a lifelong programme focused on outstanding leadership, entrepreneurial spirit and a great comprehension of African studies in order to forge a tremendous impact upon the future of the continent. With this, the academy accepts varied contributions from companies, corporations and those of the general public holding similar hopes for Africa’s advancement.

Those wishing to contribute to the ALA may do so in a variety of ways. The academy encourages interested parties to visit their Johannesburg campus on Monday or during a special event for an opportunity to interact with students and faculty. Gaining a first-hand perspective of the ALA experience is a fantastic way to become involved with a brighter future for Africa. In maintaining its operations, the institution welcomes financial support from individuals, corporations and foundations hoping to aid the goals of the academy. Over 85% of the school’s students hail from disadvantaged backgrounds. Through the philanthropic support of many, the ALA is able to extend full scholarships to these bright, promising youth.

In offering the utmost beneficial learning experience for its students, the ALA encourages participation in internships in order for young people to gain valuable experience in the workforce. Companies wishing to extend internship offers to ALA students are encouraged to contact the academy directly for more information.

As an institution, the ALA relies upon valued volunteers to aid in various duties throughout. From serving as a host family for an ALA student to visiting the school as a guest speaker, there are various ways to forge an impact on the student population of the ALA. Tunde Folawiyo and others sharing the ALA’s goals of a brighter future for Africa may contact the school for more information on how to become a valued partner of the institution. For more information on proponents of the ALA, view the African Leadership Academy profile on Tunde Folawiyo and others on the institution’s website.

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